Ila, meaning earth in Sanskrit, combines facial therapy treatments with pure natural ingredients and ancient traditions. Natural beauty is improved through the health and vitality of the skin increasing your state of wellbeing through the transforming effects of energy healing. An organic wellness brand with result driven benefits and a natural ethical approach. Beautiful Indian soundtracks complement the Ila experience.

Gold Cellular Age Restore
Advanced anti ageing for mature, Roseacea prone skin

This powerful treatment encompasses a blend of the World's most undiscovered ingredients that have been proven to work with the skin to heal and protect from the natural signs of ageing. Three types of naturally occurring gold and the rarest frankincense are delivered into the skin using cleansing and healing  massage techniques. Ila's unique BosTriwell and hyaluronic extract combined with sonic wave therapy instantly increases collagen levels to reduce cell inflammation. Skin is left rejuvenated
75 mins- £92

Nourishing, hydrating & Rejuvenating

A nourishing and hydrating facial using ila's glowing radiance collection. This designed therapy uses powerful damascene rose otto and sandalwood to stimulate energy to skin cells. Specialised marma massage techniques restore natural luminance whilst green clay mask reduces inflammation. Skin glows with radiance and a sense of peace pervades the body
75 mins- £77

Renewed Recovery
Brightens the complexion & evens skin tone

This restorative face therapy draws intense healing rainforest extracts to rejuvenate skin cells. Lymphatic drainage techniques, warm herbal poultice's and an Amazonian mud mask encourage toxin release helping to reduce water retention and increase blood supply boosting collagen production. Skin tone is brightened and muscle tone is inhibited, softening fine lines and wrinkles
75 mins - £77

Bliss Face Therapy
Tired, dehydrated skin

Using delicate techniques to open energy centres of the face to work with the body's blissful higher energy. Induced deeper relaxation along with beautiful glowing skin for a perfect quick fix. Maximum results in minimum time
45 mins - £47

Natural Lift Face Massage

A facial massage technique to help firm and lift the facial muscles with stimulating and relaxing massage moves. Working deep into the skin to plump and tone, creating a sense of relaxation through the power of touch. Incorporating a cleansing ritual, hand and arm massage and a moisturise to complement the treatment. For cumulative results a course is recommended followed by monthly maintenance 75 mins - £77

Renewed Recovery
Hormonal, stressed, City damaged skin

Bespoke holistic blends of the Amazonian renewed recovery range to support and encourage the skin's natural regeneration process. Anti inflammatory, renewing and calming in in a mini express treat for the skin
45 mins - £47

 Neoelegance Lumineo Light Therapy

A non invasive treatment used to treat the skin cells at a deeper level using an accumulation of light therapy or specific light therapy for skin concerns.

A smoother brighter skin with a reduction in breakouts, Anti-ageing concerns, uneven skin tone and an improvement in skin hydration and vitality

Red light - Boosts collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid making it a powerful anti-ageing treatment. It also helps to reduce skin inflammation dramatically.

Blue light - Kills bacteria, reduces sebum production making it an excellent treatment to minimise breakouts without being to aggressive.

Green light - Helps to prevent hyper pigmentation by decreasing the melanin and the inflammation in the skin. Brightening up the overall complexion.

Orange/ Yellow/ Purple - Therapeutic settings to help with oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and skin repair

Luxury Glow

Combine specific Light therapy, a powerful Anti-ageing infused mask and the Lumi pro lift to increase hydration levels smooth out fine lines and improve muscle tone - 60 mins £50

Express Glow

A perfect add on to the ILA face therapies - 15 mins £20

Mini Glow

A mini treatment with LED light therapy when time is of the essence. A quick pick up for the skin leaving a radiant glow - 30 mins £35

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