Bach Remedy Consultation

There is no true healing unless there is change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness’

“ Dr Edward Bach”

Ask yourself how am i feeling today? Are you experiencing discomfort in your mind and body with the feelings of anxiety, fear, regret or sadness?

Discover the healing benefits of the Bach Flower Remedies with a one to one consultation with Louisa Cox, holistic therapist and nutritional coach. Using this simple system of 38 remedies and exploring the feelings that that are causing you discomfort, you will emerge with a clearer sense of where you are. A personal remedy mix will accompany you on your journey to a more peaceful state of mind.

As a registered Bach Flower practitioner Louisa has been working with these remedies for 2 years, Personally noticing huge shifts in her own emotional development over time and the ability to work with those emotions as they arise.

Consultation 60 Mins - £45


Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss with the Bach Flower Remedies

Are you stuck in a rut with your diet and weight? Would you like to eat a more balanced diet, lose weight and lose your unhelpful eating habits and patterns for good? Do you feel time is an issue that stops you from eating the healthy foods, reaching for snacks and convenience foods instead?

Lou can help you establish some food goals offering you a one to one personalised service to help you achieve these goals giving you support and accountability.

Lou’s approach to Nutritional Coaching and Weight Loss involves a practical exploration of your existing eating patterns, food choices and lifestyle habits. Together, you will implement a nutritionally balanced diet working with any resistance you may feel during the process.

Whether you choose the Back to Nutrition or Change for Good programme, there is an extra element to Lou’s approach that will help keep you focused and with a clear mind. Lou uses the gentle and effective Bach Flower Remedies to work with any resistance that may occur when changing habits of a lifetime or setting new patterns.

It is Lou’s belief that when we experience resistance to change our emotional world can be challenged, making the process a whole lot harder. Lack of confidence, repeating the same mistakes and being stuck in old patterns are things that can be brought to the surface during these changes.

The remedies will gently bring you back to balance and give you greater peace of mind.




Are you feeling stressed? Suffering from lack of sleep? Looking for clarity and peace of mind? Do you suffer from migraines or physical pains? 

Reiki is an energy healing practice that will bring your body back to balance and bring you peace, clarity, stress relief and better sleep or anything that your body and mind need at this time.

Take an hour, unfold and relax whilst Lou places her hands in a series of positions around your body as you lay fully clothed and rested under a blanket.

Let Reiki activate the relaxation response within your own body promoting your own natural ability to heal within the places that need it.

Reiki helps on all levels and can help with any problem. Whether you are dealing with stress or low feelings, are suffering from a busy mind and are overwhelmed by life or have a physical injury, reiki can help. 

Reiki is not based on a belief system. Reiki is gentle, loving and healing.

 60 mins - £50

For more information and to discuss the various therapies please contact Louisa on 07750 053721 or email: